Added Convenience for Our Patients

If you’re going through cancer treatment, you’ll likely find you have more errands and appointments than ever, but less energy to tackle them. We’d like to help. You can get a wide range of medications and supplies through our in-clinic physician dispensary while you’re here and save a trip to the store later.

We offer:

  • Prescribe and dispense oral chemotherapy agents
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements, including iron and Vitamin B12
  • A wide range of antibiotics
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers, decongestants, and other common medications

If you require an intravenous infusion, we can administer a drip in the office or provide you with the necessary supplies to receive treatment at home.

Contact Our Pharmacy Technician

To talk with our certified pharmacy technician about your needs or questions, please call (563) 421-1978 .