What to Expect

Treating complex medical conditions such as cancer or non-cancer blood disorders is a team effort. Your disease will be treated by many doctors, including your oncologist or hematologist, radiologists, radiation oncologists (specialists in treating cancer with radiation), and surgeons, as well as the many nurses, technicians, nutritionists, pharmacists and others who will be with you as you go through diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing monitoring.

The role of Iowa Cancer Specialists is to captain your team. Working with you, we’ll determine the most effective treatments based on your diagnosis and any other health considerations. We’ll determine when it is necessary to bring in additional physicians, schedule treatment, and monitor your progress along the way.

Learn more about cancer treatment and treatment of non-cancer blood disorders.

Also, at ICS we believe that we all deserve a vibrant life and that we each have the potential to create that for ourselves.  We know that the root cause of many of chronic diseases can be helped with lifestyle intervention.  By that we mean changes in what we eat, how and how much we move, and our attitudes and outlook on life.  Check out our lifestyle intervention services we offer such as The Vibrant Health Approach, Smoking Cessation and Survivorship Cancer Care to learn more.