Patient Testimonials

No words can express how you touched Tom and me with your warm loving hands and hearts. While facing this juncture in our lives it was always comforting to see all of your smiling faces. You helped our days be a little lighter.

—Thomas & Roxanna Moritz

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts in the great care that all provided to our Dad. All through his time with all of you meant the world to him. Thanks you for your exceptional care. If it wasn’t for you people we would’ve lost Dad 2 1/2 years ago.

—The Rindler Boys & Family

I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your team. My first appointment, I was scared to death and then I met your team of nurses. I immediately felt that all of you really cared for me and from then on felt comfortable in your care.

—Marna Hanson Bugos

When you find out you have cancer it takes time for it to sink in and your whole life is relying on others and your decisions. So you listen to friends, doctors and anyone with an opinion on cancer. Luckily I have smart friends and family which pointed me to Iowa Cancer Specialists. From day one their team of doctors and nurses, receptionist and insurance personnel were great.

From the first office visit with Dr. Mercer laying out What, Where and How they were going to take care of the cancer and the time frame and results expected set my mind at ease which is very much needed when you are consumed with how it will change your life. The nurse gave me literature Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and other cancers along with what to expect from the chemo. Of course I didn’t think the loosing your hair or taste buds pertained to me. I WAS WRONG.

Everyone in that office were great and always had time to answer my questions and any questions my family had. Talking to Dr. Mercer is like talking to a family member and friend. A few times I saw Dr. Susannah Friemel when I was in the hospital and she was excellent at figuring out where the infection was.

From the receptionist Tina and Sue who always kept up with appointments and your questions when calling to get questions answered to all the caring nurses in the office and chemo room (Julie, Sue, Dana, Molly, Stephanie, etc.) who would always go out of their way to answer any concerns you would have. Talking to other cancer patients from different doctors on Facebook around the world and finding out some of the tricks they use to keep from having mouth sores and loosing your taste buds aren’t used everywhere. When you explain to them they always say “why didn’t my doctor or nurses tell me that?”. Even Barb who took care of billing and insurance was always there to help ease the pain.

Most Doctor offices are all about the Doctors, but Iowa Cancer Specialists is a TEAM effort and I highly recommend them for that reason and I am very glad I chose them. 

—Rory Timmerman

Dear Nurses,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of your comforting words during my cancer journey. All of you always knew what to say to give me hope and keep me fighting this disease. 

I was so frightened of chemo and you comforted me when I called and had questions before I startetd chemo. Everyone was always so kind and patient with me. During chemo you all became part of my family and the hospital was my home away from home. Even though I never looked forward to chemo, I always looked forward to seeing you!

I always prayed God would help me be a blessing to other people when I came in for treatments, but it always seemed like I was the one who was being blessed! I admire how smart all of you are and how hard you work each day. All of you have such a positive, healing energy that helps all of us patients cope with the stress of having to go through chemo. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to face any of the challenges of cancer treatments if I didn’t have all of you supporting me. 

You were always there, ready to comfort me no matter how busy you were. Thank you for taking good care of me and for all the times you gave me wonderful advice on how to manage chemo and for all the emotional support as well. The best part of keeping my port is that I get to see you every four weeks! Each and every one of you have made me a better person. I will always carry you in my heart.

—Lori Lonergan

My journey with Dr. Jager has been gradual. I wanted to get healthy. The weight loss was secondary. I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease as well as a genetic neuropathy. I was also on an antidepressant and mood stabilizing drug due to chronic mental health issues.

Although Dr. Jager was as compassionate as always, she was also firm and empowering. The word “ideal weight” came up more than once in the conversation. The message I received was if “I wanted to be well, then I needed to change”. She suggested a healthy diet, encouraged me to move more and take some additional supplements.

From that moment on I have done much better with my eating habits. I think much more about the nutritional value of the food, seeking to have colorful vegetables and lean meats, along with healthy fats. But it was when I began walking daily at least twice out doors, that the weight started going down faster. And with every walk in nature my emotions began to stabilize as well. I also listened to audio books about the joy of movement that became additional motivation. I started declaring out loud, “I love to move my body”!

I began seriously eating more healthy and daily walks on March 15th 2020, by June 15th I had lost 18lbs! But I have reaped so many other benefits. I feel strong, have great balance, and I’m more positive and productive. All that, despite the recent loss of my sister.

I am extremely grateful for the ability to meet with Dr. Jager. Her wisdom combined with such compassion is priceless. She is also wonderful at instilling hope and cheering for each step of success no matter how small. I have since referred several friends and my own daughter to meet with Dr. Jager, and they all agree that Dr. Jager is a rare find. I will always treasure the relationship we have formed. One of mutual respect and genuine care.

—Jenny Farrell